About Us

In 1997, the Holy Spirit touched Helen Aldana
and put this word into her heart.

Isaiah 49:8-12
The Restoration of Jerusalem
The Lord says to his people, "When the time comes to save you,I will show you favor and answer your cries for help. I will guard and protect you  and through you make a covenant with all peoples. I will let you settle once again in your land that is now laid waste. I will say to the prisoners, 'Go free!' and to those in darkness 'Come out to the light!' They will be like sheep that graze on the hills; they will never be hungry or thirsty. Sun and desert heat will not hurt them, for they will led by one who loves them. He will lead them to springs of water." 
"I will make a highway across the mountains and prepare a road for my people to travel. My people will come from  far away, from the north and the west, and from 'Aswan' in the south."

In this message that lead Helen and Nestor to bring the Good News to their family friends from home to home and then to an ever increasing prayer community in the parish of St. Joseph, Rockdale in Sydney's southern suburbs.

Since then, the community had expanded its works into a community of covenanted servants of full time vocations in the service of the Lord in prayerful life, prayer intercessions, promote healing masses,  seminars and outreach missionary work here and overseas.

The community is open and responsive to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and they believe that the love of God, His blessings and healing power is released for the benefit of all His people and for His glory.